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Teddy Buckner: A Salute To Louis (1955-59)

Teddy Buckner, a fine technical player who spent his life emulating Louis Armstrong in Dixieland settings, logically pays tribute to Satch on this enjoyable set. Mainly using a sextet that also features trombonist John "Streamling" Ewing and clarinetist Joe Darensbourg, Buckner jams through 18 songs that Armstrong recorded in the 1920s and '30s and generally avoids Armstrong's later hits. Buckner does a fine job of interpreting such tunes as "My Monday Date," "Potato Head Blues," "High Society," and "Big Butter and Egg Man." This album will particularly satisfy Dixieland fans.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

01. That's My Home (Leo Robin) - 2:28
02. Oh! Didn't He Ramble (W.C. Handy) - 3:17

03. Struttin' with Some Barbecue (L. Hardin, Don Raye) - 3:28

04. Potato Head Blues (Louis Armstrong) - 3:58

05. My Bucket's Got a Hole in It (Clarence Williams) - 3:27

06. My Monday Date (Earl Hines, Leo Robin) - 2:44

07. Big Butter and Egg Man (L. Armstrong, P. Venable) - 3:28

08. Savoy Blues (Teddy Buckner) - 3:32

09. Someday (Louis Armstrong) - 4:31

10. Squeeze Me (Fats Waller, Clarence Williams) - 4:15

11. High Society (Clarence Williams) - 4:50

12. Black and Blue (Fats Waller, A.Razaf, H.Brooks) - 3:42

13. Save It, Pretty Mama (Fats Waller, Andy Razaf) - 4:57

14. Mahogany Hall Stomp (Spencer Williams) - 2:54

15. St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy) - 6:12

16. Tiger Rag (E.Edwards, H.Ragas, T.Sbarbaro, a.o.) - 3:32

17. Mack the Knife (M.Blitzstein, K.Weill, B.Brecht) - 3:49

18. When the Saints Go Marching In (Trad.) - 2:42

Rec. Feb 6, 1955-Sep 21, 1959


Joe Darensbourg (Clarinet), Joe Darensbourg (Sax (Soprano)), Edmond Hall (Clarinet), Mort Herbert (Bass), Trummy Young (Trombone), Danny Barcelona (Drums), Pud Brown (Clarinet), Teddy Buckner (Trumpet), Teddy Buckner (Vocals), Arthur Edwards (Bass), Billy Kyle (Piano), Chester Lane (Piano), Caughey Roberts (Clarinet), Caughey Roberts (Sax (Soprano)), Jesse Sailes (Drums), William B. Woodman, Jr. (Trombone), Jordana VonSpiro (?), Jordana VonSpiro (Creative Director), J.P. Szlachetka (Artwork), William Woodman Jr. (Trombone), Andre Vidal (Concept), Harvey Brooks (Piano), John Ewing (Trombone), Teddy Buckner & His All Stars (Performer), Teddy Buckner & His Dixieland Five (Performer)



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